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I suppose these were remnants of his. Mlp fim equestria daily. The cheeks clenched, as if this might protect Sam from the fearful thrashing that was about to start. Male spanking story. When she told me turn around and lower my pants, I thought she was going to strap me right then and there in the kitchen. Paddlings -- jimj high school paddlings in 60's , If he stayed like this for too long he would get a head ache. Strap on hollow dildo. He did not even seem to notice the object of my embarrassment; he had probably seen the effect many too many times before.

While some stories in this archive are or claim to be based on real incidents, most are total fiction or anything inbetween that weaves real life and what-might-have-been Dirk wriggled his hips from left to right. Then, he came with such force that he fell off the bed, his cum all over himself. Anderson had bent down, opened a drawer to his desk and taken out a large wooden paddle. The one used in the military and the law courts in days gone by was an instrument of torture.

Although there is no sex in this story, it is not for minors. Eager to please, I quickly obeyed. He heard his father preparing himself.

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The Leatherman -- Stan , But imagine Nicole Kidman with a paddle and a spanking strap doesn't Nicole look like the would give a really hard spanking? The Journey Home January 23, 0. Watch free hd porn videos. He looked like he might vomit at any moment. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. Eventually, of course, the birching would end, but not until every square inch of bared flesh was scorched with scarlet welts.

She walked in and asked "How ya'll gettin' along? As usual, my father sat well back on the edge of the bed. Male spanking story. The world was literally theirs. I opened the door to find Clive shuffling from one foot to the other, clearly irritated. He remained silent for a moment. Xx sex full. As I said goodnight, she just kept walking, opening the garage door and going inside. He was lurking outside my room. I think the idea was to be a big brother or big sister to us.

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To my horror, I was powerless. Caught by a female campus police officer, the bottom of this self-spanking male college student catches much more than he had planned.

I was sitting there watching TV, when her mom came in the room, and sat down in the chair across from me. Jason stood holding the offending magazine so that it covered his disgrace.

Steven loved Kaitlyn and wanted to marry her but stubborn independence first led her into danger and then to behaving like an eight-year old. I watched in wonder never having seen a man play with himself before. John screws his eyes up and I can see it hurt him a lot.

Spanked at 18 -- Justin, Being young and muscular, all of the hard work tasks went to me at the church. Male spanking story. He did not announce the number of swats in advance as was his normal practice, nor did he make me count them as was also normal. Carlson and her desk swam in front of my tear-filled vision.

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